Marvel’s Spiderman

It was undeniably one of the best surprises of the year when Marvel Studios announced the new Spiderman game earlier this year. And now with copies of the PlayStation 4 exclusive game selling like wildfire, here’s my review of the web slinging title.

Wether you’re swinging across New York City, taking down a villain or beating up a group of baddies, the gameplay mechanics in the game are simply brilliant. The web slinging by far out matches that of any Spiderman game before it and it’s amazing how the game actually makes you feel like Spiderman. Every swing across the city makes you believe you can jump out of you’re apartment window and do it in real life. You could literally get lost in just swinging across the beautiful city for hours. Another excellent hit is the combat mechanics. Imsoniac games (the actual developers of the game) threw in really cool Spidey gadgets and special skills which players can use in a different variety of ways for unique battle experiences. You can creatively take down enemies using skills, abilities, gadgets and combat styles of your own preference as well as switch between several variants of the Spiderman suit.

The game has a great story which features Spiderman as an already ‘established’ hero so there’s no hassle of taking us through Peter Parker’s well known origin story all over again. The story plays out in good detail on both the one but unique lives of Peter Parker and Spiderman. Players live through the story of Peter working as a lab scientist in a company owned by his role model and mentor who (Spoiler Alert) turns out to be the main villain Mr Negative. But this shouldn’t come as a spoiler given it was already revealed in the pre release trailers. The story also features several villians from previous Spiderman comics, games and movie’s such as Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Electro, Shocker and others. And what might come off as odd, this timeline features Miles Morales present in the game as a character born and raised in New York and Peter acts as his mentor in some ways. Also, in this story Mary Jane is a news reporter who actually has some detective side missions of her own as she works hard to get her stories no matter what.

The Conclusion
Marvel’s Spiderman is definitely a stunning a game and one that could be voted by many as this year’s best video game. The game masterfully brings both the lives of Peter Parker and Spiderman to the hands of players. Along with brilliant action packed gameplay and stunning visuals, there’s really not any draw back to this game apart from the fact that Xbox and PC users must purchase a PS4 in order to get in on the action.

Cyberpunk 2077

Futuristic, wierd, action packed, visceral, interesting and possibly addictive are the words that come to mind when I try to describe CD Project Reds new game Cyberpunk 2077. Earlier this year, at E3 2018 we got a brief trailer that left us cringing for more details which we just recently got. And the internet is buzzing with folks and cyberpunk fans all trying to decipher as much details as possible from the gameplay video the studio released about a week ago.

In the video we discovered the games RPG elements like character creation and the ability to make decisions that will ultimately affect the outcome of your story.


From the get go, players are asked to create their unique character. Firstly, you have to pick either male or female protagonists who will both be standing in full frontal nudity during the selection process. So yes, you do not want you’re little children or siblings anywhere near this game. You can also change facial appearance, name, tattoos, backstory, a few seemingly harmless body aesthetic body modifications and so on. However we’re not actually sure if all this will affect each players story mode during the game but I hope it positively will. As for unique names, the game makes players stick to the alias “V” which we believe is what you will be referred to by NPC’s throughout the game. Players will also be able to customize stats like physical strength, intelligence and a few others thus also contributing to each players unique experience.


As with some modern titles, Cyberpunk 2077 allows players to choose to approach missions in a variety of ways. In the gameplay video, we saw that players can choose a good variety of means to execute different jobs, missions and tasks. You can negotiate, play stealthily, betray clients, turn down offers or go with the good old fashioned guns blazing approach to everything. You just have to remember, that each choice will have its own repercussions sooner or later be it good or bad.


One of the most important factor of any game is the setting and environment. Especially with an open world game like Cyberpunk 2077. The studio placed the game within the dark futuristic city of Night City. And no that doesn’t mean it’s always night time or gloomy looking as the town is based in sunny northern California. Night City is a lush crime filled town that highly embraces cybernetic and cyberware. A good number of it’s people are more machine than man and basically everyone has a good amount of cybernetic gear in their body. The people are dangerous and so are the law enforcers and powerful corporate bodies. The landscape itself is unique and gorgeous with amazing futuristic buildings and environments adorned in colorful neon and LED lights. Leaving even the most dangerous parts of the city looking like a temptation for exploration.


Whislt they are many criminals in the game, most of these notorious and nefarious outlaws work in gangs. In the gameplay video we were shown two confirmed gangs namely, The Scavengers and The Maelstrom Gang. The Scavengers are a ruthless lot whose “MO” is to kidnap people, mutilate them and harvest cybernetic gear. Sounds visceral and disturbing? Yes it kinda is. Their hideouts are filled with torn up dead bodies all nude and bare. The Maelstrom Gang, are a group obsessed with high grade military cybernetic gear. All they do is steal, self enhance and sell. Due to this they are very powerful and you might want to think twice before you barge into their hideouts shouting “Astala Vista motherchukers”. And although these are the only two confirmed gangs, speculations say they might be about ten in the released game. There’s also the military who are even more powerful than everyone and probably a group of people you completely want to avoid dealing with completely.


Weapons in the game are fun powerful, unique and basically insane. From a semi-automatic pistol to bio aim SMG’s and rapid fire shotguns we saw a good variety of guns in the gameplay video. We also saw powerful futuristic gear like a military grade ‘spider bot’ which can camoflague and do several other cool tricks while cybernetically connected to the user. We also saw a gun dealer and an ad that looked like he was selling a good variety of weaponry. I for one believe that the guns and ‘gun play’ mechanics will be stunning.


Cyberpunk 2077 is a brave leap into a unique universe of dark futuristic action and adventure. The mature and visceral title will be an amazing and quite possibly addictive game.

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Apple is Actually a very Humble Brand

While it might sound like an odd topic,I honestly believe ( with facts of course) that despite all the ‘douchebag’ notions most Android users have about Apple, its iPhone and its users, it might actually one of the most humble tech companies out there. Humble in the sense that they never actually fully brag about all the stunning features and capabilities their devices have.

One example, is the iPhone X. I saw this YouTube video ( link – ) a while back. In it, the uploader finds an iPhone X which had been lost underwater at a good depth for about a week or two. When he got the phone all dried up, it still worked perfectly with all the owners original data still intact. This is actually quite remarkable because Apple never really even told us the phone was that strong. And on any given day, if most other companies had that kind of technology they would make a ton of ads about it. Apple however, just didn’t.

Another example, is the Samsung – Apple feud. Well one cant really call it a feud because a feud involves two or more parties attacking each other while in this case it’s just Samsung throwing the shots. Samsung has made several ‘diss’ ad’s against Apple for several years now, all of which are available on YouTube. But we are still waiting to see if Apple returns a punch of which they have never. Whilst this is’t exactly ‘humility’ it goes to show that Apple isn’t focus on advertising feuds aimed at degrading the competition but rather on providing high quality merchandise that out matches the competition.

Anthem : Details so far

Developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts, Anthem is a game which takes players to a seemingly post-apocalyptic or alien landscape where they have to suit up in awesome looking and very powerful robotic suits called Javelin. The players are known as freelancers and they use these suits to leave a safe large city and head into dense, dangerous and dynamic forests and environments. These wild lands are filled with several things to do and explore as well as a ton of dangerous enemies.

Possibly the most notable feature of Anthem apart from the awesome suits is the gameplay. The game allows players to team up in a co-op online mode and also in completing the campaign. Players can make teams of up to four comprising the different variants of Javelin and complete tasks and missions together. How cool is that?

We’ve seen four variants of Javelin so far but Bioware has released the names of just two. The Ranger javelin on the image above is more of an all round javelin. And The Colossus javelin which is the big red one in the image below is a heavy amour javelin for players who want more of that heavy gunner experience. However we aren’t sure if there are only four main classes of javelin but we certainly hope that there are more or that players can build up purely custom ones. The gameplay video shown by at E3 2018 tells us that players can customize javelin with weapons and gear. We believe players will also be able to custom create their avatars as in the Mass Effect series.

Now the game was initially set to be released later this year but release has now been postponed to February 22, 2019 in order to pave way for EA’s Battlefield coming this fall. On release day, it will be available worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation4 and PC. This third person multiplayer action role playing shooter runs on the Frostbite 3 game engine so maybe we should expect some of that iconic Battlefield destructible environment. Nonetheless Anthem brings something iconically fresh to the gaming world with gameplay gamers have wanted for years. We can’t wait to unleash some IronMan like mayhem in powerful robotic suits of our own.M87mPrypwfJDa2N2QqoXKG

FIFA 19 :Whats new

EA recently revealed 2019’s version of the FIFA football game franchise. Although, as usual the game will be released in 2018 (5am Friday 28th of September 2018 to be exact).

Now despite the ‘tradition’ of adding nothing particularly brand new to the game apart from negligible tweaks which EA often makes to seem ‘all powerful’ usually with names like 50/50 battles, there are a few additions to the latest game that are worth a remark.

Customisable Kick-Off Mode

Well yes kick-off mode has always been customisable but FIFA 19 takes that to a whole new level. Players now have the ability to make some rather cheeky alterations to their match settings before kick off. One of the changes for example is that players can now set the scoreline before the match even begins. This is to give inexperienced players an edge should they choose to. Also, players can activate the ‘long range’ feature which awards an extra goal for every goal scored from outside the 18-yard box. The ‘no rules’ feature completely turns off the awarding of cards and offsides thus turning a match to a basically rule-less blood battle. ‘First To’ sets a goal limit which competing players must race to. Players can also adjust AI settings to their own requirements and/or preferences. And ‘Headers and Volleys’ turns any goal not conceived through a header or a volley invalid. The only draw back is that these features great as they might be, are not available online.

Survival Mode

This new mode is adds a rather humorous touch to gameplay as in this mode players have to substitute a team member after each goal their team scores. Thus creating a new tactical challenge in a fun way.

Stat Tracking

Another new feature being the Stat tracking allows players to create profiles of which the game tracks and compares performance with other profiles on thesame console (local play) or online. Making it easier to find out who’s the greatest amongst competitive friends. Tracked stats include everything from how many goals scored per match to which part of the goalpost a player scores most in.

Timed Finishing

This feature gives for a split second the oppurtunity to give their shots more power. After setting the power of a shot, players have a really brief chance to hit the shot button again just ass their players foot connects with the ball. However this is risky as it can either improve the shot or be a reason for failure. Good timing makes the indicator above the players head flash green whilst the shot gets more power and/or with an excellent curl. Bad timing however makes the ball skim off the players foot into misdirection. Although it isn’t impossible for a shot deemed wrong by the game to still turn a beautiful accident of a goal.

Click To Flick

Players now have the added skill which allows then to quickly flick the ball over oncoming defenders and other players. To do this, players simply have to click the right stick and their player will flick the ball up in the direction which the left stick is pointing. Hopefully this won’t end up as one of those flashy skills gamers rarely use.

Better Tackling

Remember how your defenders in basically every football game just mildly tackle attacking opposition rarely ever getting the ball or oddly getting it with a weak challenge? Well thats all history with the more aggressive tackling in FIFA 19. Defenders are now braver than ever and they create a better challenge in the defensive front. Rough body contact and strong tackles are the norm in FIFA 19 and we can’t argue that this is an improvement we’ve waited for for well…… ages. So get ready to up your offensive game. Maybe this is where the Click To Flick feature comes in handy.

All in all, it seems like EA is putting in effort to ensure that this game is not just another FIFA game with updated club stats but rather a fresh new experience absolutely worth playing. For more info about FIFA 19 stick with us here at Techrealms.

Facebook hires Google engineer to build new chip

Although it’s come quite late, social media giant Facebook recently began work on their own custom chips. The company will be joining companies like Apple, Google and Amazon who have alteady been using custom chips.

In order to develop the chip, the company then hired former Google engineer Shahriar Rabii to be on the chip team at silicon. Facebook probably hopes Mr Rabii will bring some of that Google ‘magic’ to their team.

The possibilities of what Facebook will achieve with powerful custom chips are seemingly endless. The company might just use this to bring some new features to their already powerful network. Here’s hoping that any new improvements won’t have us raising eyebrows about privacy issues.

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